Bamboo Exploration

So this was the first time in my life I was doing anything with bamboo, and I was scared. I was scared and I was clueless. But I decided to carry on anyway. I was just exploring around with the material and tried to understand it on the first day.

There were few things that i already knew, like the inside of the bamboo is hollow and that a bamboo stick is very light and thats what makes it suitable for many uses, but there were also few things that i had no idea about. For example, i didnt know much about the nodes, or how strong bamboo really can be (good quality bamboo is stronger than steel) ,or how to cut it depending on the angle and the way it grows.

So yeah, I learnt a lot, not all on the first day, but through the whole course.  First day i made a sort of weapon. I guess it made me feel stronger, or empowered me in a way to feel like i was carrying a weapon. I learnt how to chisel bamboo, and noticed how bamboo has this thing that each strand that grows upwards can be separated by a chisel because we dont actually break anything when we split the bamboo but if we want to cut it horizontally then we have to saw it. Almost like shred  or rupture the vertical strands.

This gives the bamboo a unique propety i feel. We can cut long thin strips of bamboo which would be very strong but flexible at the same time.

I also experimented with heating and bending the bamboo. There are these things in the bamboo known as lignin and pectin which respond to the heat applied by becoming pliable. That way we can bend it more easily. And if we quickly add water on it, it ll retain that shape.