Laai’s Creation

Laai was an interesting character to design as he has his quirks. He has a slightly tilted neck due to the disbalance of his body. He also has cute buck teeth which get pronounced as he is always sucking on ice. He loves home and specially his mother whose picture he always carries with himself. He loves to sing and is absolutely terrible at it.

I created the character Dave to bring out the best in Laai . Also Laai has the sort of personality which functions the best when he has someone to prod him and help him out. 

I looked at a lot of different kinds of llama s and sort of combined their most interesting qualties to create Laai.



They have a very interesting body shape and specially the neck which rotates a lot. They are incredibly cute and thats is a quality i tried to capture in ‘Lai’ . I wanted to make ‘Lai’ look innocent and adorable but brave at the same  time.



I loved the buck teeth on llamas as it guves them a very distinct feel ad also it went well with the image of a llama who loves to suck on ice.


Then i researched different body parts of the llama like its feet .


Split foot



Ears experimentation

Also theirears which were varyig depending on the breed of llama.  s3

Finally i made my own llama which was a sort of mixture of all these elements

final threeIMG_20140802_044940

The dynamic pose


The various expressions







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